👁 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT – reflecting the magnificence of divine abundance


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ACKNOWLEDGEMENT - reflecting the magnificence of divine abundance

Today, let's embody the feeling place that reflects the magnificence of our own being.

With curiosity and observation, expressive creativity can guide us more clearly through deep-seated feelings and fears, conditioned patterns and responses, connection to other creators, and intuition.  It is enhanced by our ability to think BROADLY about our life experience and possibilities (even the possibilities we find “far fetched”).  All that is required is our acknowledgment.



Repeat today's affirmation out loud with releasing intent:

“I am creative.

There are infinite possibilities available.

Just because I currently believe something does not make it “truth”.

I am a magnificent being and I honor my growth.”

It is unfortunate that acknowledging our magnificence is so difficult for us to do without hesitation, resistance or embarrassment.  What is your usual response when faced with your own reflection?

Do you ignore yourself?

Do you deny or justify that it is difficult to look in your own eyes? (I do not care how I look…what really matters is how I feel or how much I get done or what I do for others…etc.)

Or do you look at yourself and point out the “flaws”?

Go to the mirror.  Look directly in your own eyes and say this:

You are safe.     You are magnificent.   I love you.


Autumn is the beginning of the end that we are witnessing all around us.

With that, we acknowledge and celebrate that we, too, are somewhere in this seasonal transition.  For those of us that are in the Autumn of our cycle, this cycle of maturity and “adulthood” allows us to reflect on who we are now and acknowledge the abundance of our journey.  Bringing ourselves into this moment to reflect and acknowledge ourselves-our divinity and abundance, brings us closer to peace as we move into the Winter cycle.

Our acknowledgment brings with it an important understanding.  How precious this moment truly is.  How will we honor our precious moments?  As I “age” the answer becomes very clear.  Love is and always has been the answer.


Go back to the mirror.  Look deeply into your own eyes and tell yourself, “I Am Safe”.  Acknowledge that you are a divine being. Acknowledge that you are a being of beauty and wonder. Acknowledge that you are creative.

What is your feeling place?

What color is this feeling place? 

How much room does this feeling place consume?

Create this feeling place.

“I will wrap myself in blankets of love.
I will BE love and I will begin with myself in this moment.
From that acknowledgment, I will share love.

“I am grateful for

_________________________ “



As we acknowledge our exceptional traits and the abundance of what we have learned and what we are learning we also ease, slowly, into the realization that our journey is a cycle and, as all natural things do, we will transition.

What is something you acknowledge in your Self to be exceptional?

Please share your ideas and observations in the comments below or the Art Room Activity Feed.


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