ATTENTIVE - conversing with the nature of reality

ATTENTIVE – conversing with the nature of reality

Today, let's expand our consciousness with heightened attention to the conversational nature of reality.

This “conversational nature of reality” as poet David White puts it, is the drama of vitality—it is something we have all been shown, willing or unwilling. Whyte shares that reality lies “at this frontier between what you think is you and what you think is not you.” 

What an adventurous conversation this existence is!

David Whyte

“In Galapagos, I began to realize that because I was in deeply attentive states, hour after hour, watching animals and birds and landscapes—and that’s all I did for almost two years—I began to realize that my identity … actually depended on how much attention I was paying to things that were other than myself—and that as you deepen this intentionality and this attention, you to broaden and deepen your own sense of presence.”


– David White


What's your role within the conversation of reality?

Do you see yourself today as the river or the channel of the river? It is kind of asking yourself “Are you more yin or yang?”, or more one than the other? As the river, you know yourself as flow. As the channel, you know yourself as a guidance for that flow, banks that funnel the energy and direct it.

Listening, touching, creating, and living in a way that heightens our attention brings us into this conversational nature of reality. It manifests as imagination, reverie, and expanding of consciousness. No pandemic can stop our “hidden discipline of familiarity” in “alertness,” as long as we ease into the conversation with the “grand array” and the “swelling presence” of everything.


What do you enjoy doing that heightens your attention?

We'd love to hear in the comments!


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