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👶 THE CHILD WITHIN – calling on our Inner Child


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Children re-invent your world for you.

– Susan Sarandon

To access subconscious information about the people of our past we called on our Inner Child.

There is a clear distinction between our perceptions of “The Past” and the Child Within.  It is understood that the past is behind us but our Inner Child (and our Inner Teen) shape who we are as an “Integrated Self”.  The child that lives within has their own values, perceptions and way of processing experience and a longing to live life fully.   We are witness to their presence when we act or react to experiences in the present with the consciousness of who we once were.

We can honor the presence of our Inner Child by allowing their voice to be heard.

When our Child feels heard, safe, and loved it does not feel the need to “act out” or demand our attention.   If we have befriended our Inner Child we clearly see the spontaneity, curiosity, and beauty that our child provides.  If we have ignored that child or resisted their presence we may be experiencing “tantrums” that are difficult to understand.

In this segment, we expand our understanding of childhood perceptions and beliefs.

Let's begin, with a pause.


During our moments of Pause today, let's identify the ways our Inner Child and Inner Teenager show up in our present moments.

  • Do certain people, places, or things cause a “tantrum” or reaction (internally or externally)?
  • What situations make you feel unheard, unsafe, or unloved?

Document these observations without attempting to “change” anything. Just as there cannot be a “rulebook” for perfect parenting, there is also no advantage to judging how your Inner Child behaves.

Change will come with observation and understanding.

As we discover ourselves we learn to accept all the facets of who we are and become the “perfect” parent for ourselves.



My Inner Child longs to live life fully.

I allow their voice to be heard and act accordingly.


What are your Inner Child's favorite places?

These are the places where their natural curiosity, imagination, and spontaneity can be free. Places where, if you are there in your “grown-up” body, you feel your Inner Child with you. For many of us that is outside, with Nature all around us.

Take yourself to a Nature place and allow your Inner Child to play.

See how it feels to make a leaf mandala, a stone tower, or find a four-leaf clover.  Find and explore the Beauty in Nature. Document your observations.

What is one observation you notice when your Inner Child is to allowed play?


When we accept and allow our Child Self and our Teen Self into our “Integrated Self” we have access to valuable and amazing information.  Our goal is to allow their voices to be heard by bypassing our conditioned mind.

Begin by bringing yourself fully into this moment with three long, slow breaths.

Now call upon your Inner Child and finish the sentences below without thought. If you get stuck just invent something.

📓 ✍🏼 👶


Finish each sentence quickly twelve times:

If my Inner Child could speak it would say …

When I was five years old …

When I was ten years old …

When I was very young, the world seemed …

When I was very young, people seemed …

If my Inner Child feels ignored …

If my Inner Child feels criticized …

One of the ways my Inner Child gets me into trouble is …

If I fully accept that child as a valuable part of me …

Sometimes, the hard thing about fully accepting the child within is …

If I were to listen to what my Inner Child needs to tell me …

I am becoming aware that …

When I look at myself from this perspective …

🙌 👶 ✨


If you want to dive deeper, change the ages on the sentence headings and use these fragments for your Inner Teen when you write the sentence fragment at the top of your Journal page.


Let's reflect on this week's Journal section.

Start by reading over your sentence endings, without judgment. If other endings occur to you document them.

Spend some time writing about who your Inner Child is, how you feel about them, and the impact that they have on your present moment.

Use your imagination to describe the best ways to nurture that facet of your Being.

How has getting to know your Inner Child impacted who you are today?


Today, let your Child create with abandon!

Be brave … see what happens.

Creative Journal page by Marva Midkiff


Over to you!

What is one way you are inspired to courageously create today?  Was your inner child present?  How did it feel to create without judgment or expectation?

Feel free to come back and share it with us in the comments below or on our private online community »

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