emotional intimacy

EMOTIONAL INTIMACY — observing emotions and feelings for wisdom and connection


Today, let's deepen our emotional intimacy so that we can better process and understand our feelings.

As we deepen our emotional intelligence, we encounter:

  • 👁 greater self-awareness and understanding of our emotional landscape, leading to personal growth and healing of splintered aspects of the self.
  • 💞 the ability to truly empathize with and connect with others, fostering deeper and more meaningful relationships.
  • 🥰 a fuller, more multisensory experience of the world, leading to a greater appreciation and understanding of reality.

Overall, deepening emotional intimacy can lead to a more fulfilling and meaningful life, both in terms of personal growth and in terms of one's relationships with others and the world around them.


Take notice of your emotional landscape. What emotions are you currently experiencing? What are they communicating and what is causing them?

  1. Do you notice any discrepancies between your conscious intentions and the emotions that accompany them?
  2. Are there any splintered aspects of yourself that may require healing?
  3. Reflect on how your perception of reality is influenced by your emotions and how it affects your experience of the universe.


My emotions bring me a deeper understanding and connection with myself and others.

emotional intimacy

My emotions bring me a deeper understanding and connection with myself and others.

emotional intimacy

Without judging, try to be more aware of your emotions and how they change throughout the day.

The path to awe-struck reverence, true freedom, boundless love, and other delightful ways of being is through your heart, and only an awareness of our feelings can open our heart.


How you start the day sets the tone for the rest of it.


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