Celebrate and Honor New Beginnings with Creative Inspiration

How to Celebrate and Honor New Beginnings with Creative Inspiration


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say the following with affirmation purpose and intent:

The seeds I have planted in the garden of my life are beginning to grow.


Winter is over and Spring invites us to celebrate a New Beginning!

We have spent the past few months in the winter stillness and wrapped in the reflective blanket that Winter provides.  We have used our time wisely and have gained some clarity about who we are and how we show up in the world.

We have observed ourselves in action and are aware of the “masks” we wear and the conditioning that has shaped us.  We are all a work in progress and we are all whole, beautiful and enough just as we are.  We are beginning to feel this at the core of our being.

As you read these words is there any part of you that is in resistance?  Any part of you that wants to argue your own worthiness or make a statement that suggests that you are NOT ENOUGH?  These are the thought traps that we want to observe, acknowledge and finally release.  Before we consider a new beginning we need to ask ourselves a question.  Who Am I…right now?

Sit quietly for a moment, bringing yourself fully into this moment.  Focus on your breath as you quiet your mind.

Before us lies a blank white sheet of paper.  The question is “Who am I…really?” Who do I believe myself to be in this moment?  Be as honest as you possibly can.

It is only by answering this question, in as much detail as possible, that we can truly know what our New Beginning might be. Spend 5 minutes or so writing the answer.  Sit with this information for a day or so adding to it as you become aware of information.

On another journal page, lay your foundation and create a Welcome Springtime page using our affirmation for today.

Affirmation:  The seeds I have planted in the garden of my life are beginning to grow.


Today express your gratitude to at least one other person.

Kindness can be a great healer to someone that might be struggling and just the simple act of saying thank you can lift someone up.

Today I Am Grateful for _____________________


How is that list of unfinished projects coming along?

Don't stress over them or beat yourself up.  We can accomplish this in baby steps and each project we clean up opens the door to a new adventure.  The main thing is to make a commitment to the completion of these unfinished tasks and to keep that commitment.

Step Two:   Define your core values.  Our values are qualities of life that we deem to be important.  The dictionary defines values as:  a person's principles or standards of behavior; one's judgment of what is important in life.   By defining our core values we can determine if we are living by them or need to make some changes.  Living from our values is closely related to living in our own integrity.  Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one else knows. Integrity is living a life where what we think, feel, say, and do are aligned with our core beliefs.  When we have clearly defined our values we can set our intentions with confidence.  Spend 5 minutes defining your core values.

Please take a moment to pause and reflect on what your New Beginning means for you and your life in the Activity Feed.

A shared journey is a journey that has more depth and more impact.  Our community can give us the strength and the accountability to succeed.  The very thing you might be challenged by may be exactly what another needs to witness to grow on their journey.


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