I am Compassionate Meditation

I am Compassionate Meditation

If you're wondering how to become more compassionate toward your fellow man, there is a simple meditation method that will open your awareness to this beautiful and healing emotion. Check it out in the video below.

Compassion is a human instinct that not only creates intimate bonds between people, but also contributes to our happiness and well-being. Being able to deeply understand another person gives us meaning and connection beyond trivial interactions.

Researchers have found that compassion is an instinct in all animals that helps to ensure species survival. (1) Unlike empathy, (which is purely the ability to put yourself in another's shoes) compassion adds on a desire to help the person whose emotions we can relate to. This innate drive to connect and support our own kind has ensured the survival of all animal species.

We humans, too, have this natural compassionate instinct. But many times, this instinct becomes clouded over with other thoughts and emotions. Many times we can't feel the compassionate drive because we are distracted by our judgments and our fears. We might be angry at a person or feeling hurt. We might feel the need to hold our ground or protect ourselves.

There are lots of reasons why we choose not to be compassionate. But there is one really good reason that we should.

Beneath our outer layers and appearances, our personalities and perceptions, we are all connected by the same love in our hearts. No matter our differences, this love will bring us together and bring peace to the world.

This love that we share helps us heal from trauma, forgive those who have wronged us, and find hope again. It's so important that we remember the common love found in all hearts so that we support each other through challenges and troubles.

When someone has hurt us, this can be the most difficult time to find compassion for them. But if we tune into the love in our own hearts, we will find that same love in theirs. When we appreciate our own beauty and divinity, we are able to appreciate that same beauty and divinity in others.

In the meditation video above, you'll learn a simple and powerful visualization tool for remembering the loving connection that you share with all beings.  May it enable you to tap into your greatest compassion possible.

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