Intuition instinctively trusting inner wisdom

💡 INTUITION – instinctively receiving and trusting inner wisdom


Prefer to listen as you intuitively create?

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Intuition instinctively trusting inner wisdom

Today, let's clear the cobwebs of creative resistance with intuitive, inspired action!


To be creative can be as simple as seeing something everyone else sees, but thinking what no one else thinks about it.

– Robert and Michele' Root Bernstein

👆 I would take that one step further and include yourself.

Seeing something you have seen many times, but thinking something different than you ever thought before.

Your creative voice is always there, imploring you.  “What if…?”

  1. Break it down: look at the images below (clip art on your computer breaks it down rather well.  The lines and shapes can be clearly seen). Whatever you see today, break it down to it's simplest lines and shapes.
  2. Tune into your body and your senses.  We tend to get all up in our head about creating.  Let your whole being become involved in your journey.  Touch tree bark or a throw pillow.  Smell a rosemary stalk or an apple.  See what happens to water when a leaf falls in a puddle.
  3. Look for natural patterns and forms.


Look at the lines and shapes of Autumn.

These are the creative observations that invite your creative voice to be heard.




“I hear my creative voice.

I see a challenge, intuitively imagine a solution, then creatively take action.


Bask in the beauty of this Autumn day.

Is the Sun out right now? Perhaps it's raining?

Whatever the weather, taking a walk outside to breathe and observe Nature's elements is a great way to clear the mental chatter and hear our creative voice.

You can do the same in your house if you can't go out.

As we bring our awareness to each subject (a tree, a cloud, a bird…) we will notice that everything is made up of lines and these lines become shapes.


What shapes are you drawn to?

I am partial to circles but I am expanding the shapes I am drawn to by observing the shapes that make up the things I see.

Creative Journal Exercise (option 1):

Find three items (either outside on your walk or in your house).

Hold them, sense them and then break them down to their lines and shapes.

This exercise will require you to focus, intently, on each item with your whole being. Using the essential lines and shapes create their shapes on the page.

Creative Journal Exercise (option 2):

Make a shape forest using the lines and shapes of the trees around you in their simplest forms. 


“As I listen and trust my creative voice,

I feel grateful for ___________________ “



How are you feeling about your ability to identify the essential lines and shapes of things around you?

How is your creative resistance?  The more you create the easier it becomes.  If you are in “beginner mind” while creating with lines and shapes be compassionate with yourself as you journey.

Please share your observations and creative musings in the comments below or the Art Room Activity Feed.


Today's intentional session is a small excerpt from this 30-day journey we think you'd love!


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