JOYFUL 😁 Enjoy the Journey as the Destination

JOYFUL 😁 Enjoy the Journey as the Destination

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JOYFUL ~ enjoying the journey as the destination

Today, let's be present with an openness that allows us to enjoy exactly where we are—no matter the circumstances.

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Inspiration for embracing the journey

Imagine your life as a beautiful, expansive journey where each step, breath, and moment is a destination in itself. This journey is alive, vibrant, and ever-changing, a continuous dance of experiences that mold and shape us. Our internal environment—our thoughts, feelings, and vibrations—navigates this journey. It's a cyclical dance where being present and open transforms every moment into a joyful destination.

Today's Key Takeaways:

  • Embrace each moment with openness and curiosity.
  • Recognize the cycle of our internal environment and its impact on our experience.
  • Allow presence to transform the journey into a joyful destination.

Colin O'Bradly

“For me, it’s always been about the journey, about the adventure & about living my passion—that’s been enough reward for me.”

Colin O’Brady, a professional endurance athlete, motivational speaker, and adventurer known for his extraordinary achievements and inspirational journey.

Trail Snack for thought

SPOILER ALERT: there is no “getting there”. Just like there's no end to a delicious meal that we wish we could savor forever, our journey doesn't have a final destination where all joy is magically unlocked. Our joy, love, and freedom are here in the present, in the very steps we take, not just where they might lead.

Scientific insight into our journey

The power of presence is not just poetic; it's scientifically supported. Studies in mindfulness and psychology show that being present and open to our experiences can significantly enhance our well-being and happiness. By engaging with the present, we activate parts of the brain associated with positive emotions and reduce stress responses.

A mantra for the journey

“Embrace the Journey”

This mantra reminds us to hold every moment dear, to live fully in the now, where life truly unfolds. The power within us to create and enjoy our reality lies in our presence, our ability to be with what is, with openness and love.

Mindfulness for the present moment

How can our perspective of the “destination” inspire us to feel and open into what is present for us right now?

  • Do your future-oriented thoughts, visions, goals, and destinations inspire you to enjoy this moment? 
  • Do you find delight in the aligned momentum towards an ever-changing destination? 
  • Do you open to ALL of what you're feeling in order to discover how even the uncomfortable experiences are opportunities to learn, grow, and enjoy the journey?

The power is in our presence.

As we are present with our experiences (feelings, thoughts, perceptions, …) and merge with what is with openness and curiosity, we inhabit the power to influence our experience. We step out of the limiting perspective of victimhood and tap into the magical (yet, quite natural) perspective of being the creator of our experience. The only limit to what we can experience is our own inner ability to be open to what is and courageously act on our inspired intentions.

We can't change what is … but we can change how we respond to what is … which does change how we feel and what will be!

By ignoring certain aspects of our life experience, we surrender our ability to learn, grow, overcome, and enjoy those unique aspects of life. However, when we choose to merge with what is, we can better understand why it's there and work with to better create the reality of our inspired dreams. Meanwhile, choosing to thoroughly enjoy the journey along the way!

Journaling for self-discovery

By acknowledging what we don't like, we discover what we do like.

As we adventure onward, life will continue to present a spectrum of contrasting experiences. Whether it feels yummy or yucky, it all holds equally valuable insight into who we are and why we want what we want. As we notice pains in the body or thoughts that disconnects us from our loving heart or feelings that consume us with fear, we get to dissolve into those (perhaps initially uncomfortable) experiences in a way that inspires insight into what to release and what to create more.

  • What aspect of your journey are you currently enjoying the least, and what has it taught you?
  • Reflect on a moment when you were fully present. How did that feel compared to when you're focused on the future?
  • Envision releasing something that no longer serves you. What are you opening up to instead?

Taking courageous steps

Commit to one action you can take today to release what no longer serves so that you can enjoy the present more deeply.

Gratitude for the journey

Reflect on the abundance that surrounds you here and now. What aspects of your current journey are you thankful for? Acknowledge these, and let gratitude fill your heart, fueling your journey with love and appreciation.

Affirming our presence and joy
  • I am enjoying the journey.
  • I am satisfied with what is.
  • I am eager for what's coming.
  • I am having fun along the way.
  • Everything I need is here, now.
  • I am creating my own reality.

Celebrating your engagement and growth

Congratulations on embracing today's joyful session! Let's remember, the beauty of your journey unfolds in each moment of presence and openness. Carry this intention throughout your day, and watch how your journey blooms with joy.

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