PERSISTENT ~ Pressing on boldly in the face of fear

PERSISTENCE 🏋️ Unleash Inner Grit

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Embrace the relentless persistence required to act boldly amidst the fears and doubts.

30 Days of Bravery

Cultivate courageous daily action toward a specific 30-day goal with the 30 Days of Bravery Journey.

Join co-founder Matt and the Intention Inspired fam on an epic journey of courageous daily action toward a specific 30-day goal! Each day, Matt brings short actionable video sessions that will inspire daily action!

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Today, let's harness grit and self-control to courageously and persistently overcome the obstacles that pave the way to our growth and goals.

Dive into today with an unbeatable spirit, just like a mountain stands unwavering against the tests of time and weather. Imagine your potential unfurling like a flag atop this mountain, visible from miles away, signaling victory. This is about awakening that relentless force within you that says “keep going” even when the path gets tough. It's about turning the tide in your favor by simply refusing to give up.

Ready to transform every setback into a step forward? Let's cultivate the resilience that makes legends, starting now!

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Persistence Poem

In the garden of life, where flowers bloom,
let us invite courage to enlighten the gloom.
With persistent steps, in the face of strife,
breathe life's rhythm, a fearless, boundless life.
As rivers flow, we bend and sway,
persistent warriors, we forge our way.
With courage, let us face the fears that bind,
an untamed spirit, a fierce, fearless mind.

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"Anyone who has a why to live can bear almost any what." – Nietzsche

“Anyone who has a why to live can bear almost any what.”

– Friedrich Nietzsche, a philosopher known for his radical ideas on individuality, morality, and the nature of existence, challenges us to find our profound “why” – our reason to endure and thrive through life's myriad challenges.

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Studies show that self-control and persistence are crucial for long-term success (Moffitt et al., 2011) and grit (a combination of passion and perseverance) was found to be a better predictor of success than intelligence (Duckworth et al., 2007).

Don't let setbacks define your journey; let persistence pave your way to greatness! Tap into your grit and harness the self-control needed to overcome obstacles.

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I am what I repeatedly do.

I am what I repeatedly do

This mantra reminds us that our habits define us more than our moments of inspiration. What small habit can you develop today that reflects the persistent person you aspire to be? Let this mantra be your guiding light, leading you back to your path whenever you stray.

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In today's 3-minute meditation, Jaron invites us into a deep reflection on the ever-changing nature of a river—observing its persistence, adaptability, and discipline to cultivate personal power, freedom, and focus on a singular vision.

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Bring to mind a recent moment you felt like giving up, but didn’t.

What was it that pulled you forward despite the urge to quit?

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Today, let's choose a small, harmless activity that pushes us outside of our comfort zone and helps us face fear or insecurity.

This could be as simple as starting a conversation with a stranger, taking a short cold shower, or speaking up in a group setting. By practicing these small acts of bravery consistently, we're building our resilience and confidence to handle hard things, ultimately preparing us for bigger challenges and goals.

I am persistent

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  • Every day, I grow stronger and more courageous as I persevere through challenges and obstacles.
  • I am brave and resilient; no matter how many times I fall, I will always rise and keep moving forward.
  • With each step I take, I am developing the fortitude and courage necessary to face any situation life presents.
  • I trust in my ability to persist and overcome, as this bravery empowers me to achieve my goals and dreams.
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Congratulations on completing today's session! You've taken another step towards harnessing your inner strength and persistence. Carry this energy with you throughout the day, and remember, every effort, no matter how small, builds the path to your dreams.

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What's one small step of persistence you're committed to taking today?

In the comments, share the step you're taking and why it matters to you. How does it reflect your inner strength and determination?

Let's celebrate our collective resolve to be persistent in the pursuit of our goals and dreams.

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