PREFERENCE - alighning with what feeds the soul

👌 PREFERENCE – aligning with what feeds the soul

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Today, let's get more clear about what's most important so we can live in more alignment with what makes our soul sing.


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PREFERENCE - alighning with what feeds the soul

Today, let's get more clear about what's most important so we can live in more alignment with what makes our soul sing.

The world is in the midst of great change and transformation.

Change can be scary but we know, deep within, that this change is necessary to restore balance and connection.  We also know that balance and connection must be restored within the individual for transformation to occur.

This change and transformation is guiding us towards our preferences.

Choosing and focusing intentionally are the creative acts that apply.  If things are going to change radically, who and what do you prefer?



Read today's affirmation out loud with purpose and intent:

“I pause to make sure I am aligned with what feeds my soul.

My values are clearly defined. I prefer to live in alignment.


Autumn is the Season of change and transformation.

The time to intentionally practice our preferences.  It seems like that would be easy enough but often we make choices that are counter to who we are, our values, and the life we want to create.  In many cases, we are taught to disregard who we are and what feeds our soul.  Over time this conditioning leads us further and further from our “true” values and purpose.  How do we know what we prefer?

We have spoken of our values before.

These are the characteristics, behaviors, and beliefs that are the most important to us.  It is helpful to look at them every once in a while to see, as our self-awareness grows clearer if we need to focus differently.  These prompts will help you identify your values.

You can then make a list of your top five to ten core values:

  • When are you the happiest?
  • What do you most want to learn?
  • What are the most important things in life?
  • What type of conversation or behaviors trigger you?  (Knowing the negative will lead you to your belief)
  • If you could do anything you wanted for a “career” what would you be?
  • What types of things inspire you?

It is important to peel all the way to the center of the onion when determining your values.

For instance, if you answered the question of what career you would choose as an artist, what is it about creating art that inspires you? Maybe it's mastering color or composition, maybe it is being famous, maybe it is the expression of your soul, or helping others heal.  There are many layers to examine to get to exactly what feeds your soul.  The questions above should get you started.


This collage exercise will highlight your creative preferences.

It also makes a great active meditation.

Begin by dividing a journal page into 6 sections.

Next choose a few colors you like together and “paint' a sheet of lightweight paper with a plastic card, a palette knife or a brayer.  You will be tearing or cutting this up so don't get too precious about the process and don't consider it “too ugly” to use.  It will look totally different when you make your shapes.

What you will be doing now is putting,

  1. three shapes (of your choosing) in box number one,
  2. four shapes in box number two,
  3. five shapes in box number three,
  4. four shapes in box number four,
  5. three shapes in box number five and,
  6. two shapes in box number six.

Without overthinking, analyzing, or judging right or wrong tap into your creative self and tear or cut shapes that resonate with you.   Arrange the shapes in each box.  Observe your tendencies to be perfect, to follow rules, to question what you are drawn to do.

This is not only a good active meditation but can help you clarify your preferences in color and shape.  It is also a great way to slow down and fight the urge to over “decorate”.  We are keeping it simple (no doodling on this page).

The more you do this exercise, the more you will begin to clearly see preferences in shape, color, and placement.  You will see your preferred tendencies and knowing your preference can help you create what you love.

If you want a challenge, choose colors that you rarely use, shapes that do not resonate, and put them in places you wouldn't normally put them.


“As I observe the characteristics, behaviors, and beliefs that are the most important to me,

I am grateful for _________________________ “



Knowing what you prefer as you tackle the challenges of the day and as you create will produce a balanced, peaceful feeling place within you.

That feeling place is your guidepost to whether you are in alignment or not.  Once you know your preferences you can make the choices that align you with your life of purpose.  Your purpose.

Please share your observations and creative musings in the comments below or the Art Room Activity Feed.


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