RELAX - allowing effortless creativity to flow through

🛀 RELAX – allowing effortless creativity to flow through


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RELAX - allowing effortless creativity to flow through

Today, let's allow effortless creativity to flow as we empower ourselves with the relaxation we deserve.

Winter is coming!

We are prepared to ease into it with comfort and anticipation.  We have learned to tune into our body and our intuition and rest when it is called for.

From our commitment, we have learned that we are important and that we are deserving of our Creative time.

We no longer question whether we are “Creative” because we know that it is the expression of our soul and that everyone is Creative.




“Rest helps me connect to the peace, wisdom, and creativity within me and all around us.

I allow myself to rest as often as I need.”



“Creation is the foremost human condition. The right to creation is more important than the right to food.  If man does not create or is impeded to create, man ceases to fulfil human functions because he loses his justification to be present on this earth as a higher being.  Our real illiteracy is not the incapability to read and write but the incapability to create. The children have a bigger knowledge to create until they lose their soul by becoming homogenous, or by education and convention.”

– Hundertwasser

Do what you do.

This has been a wonderfully creative journey through Autumn.

I hope that you will give yourself the gift of your own daily Creative Practice and continue to work in your Journal.


“As I allow myself the rest I deserve,

I feel grateful for ___________________ “



What were your favorite creative activities this week?

Please share your observations and creative musings in the comments below or the Art Room Activity Feed.


Today's intentional session is a small excerpt from this 30-day journey we think you'd love!


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