🍂 RELEASING – embracing impermanence by letting go of what is no longer serving

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Let’s honor impermanence by letting go of what no longer serves us.


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RELEASING - letting go of what is no longer serving

Today, let's embrace impermanence by letting go of what no longer serves us.



Repeat today's affirmation out loud with releasing intent:

“As Autumn leaves fall to the ground, I will also release all of my burdens and stress.”

Nature is within us and around us.

We can rejoice in the letting go, as the leaves change color and fall.  It means the release of what has served its purpose.  We may feel a sense of grief at the impermanence of all things but still rejoice in our awareness that this is part of the cycle.

Autumn is about to show us how beautiful it is to let things go. – Anonymous

Everything seems a bit more precious at this time of year.

That may be because this is the time when things come to an end, or begin to come to an end. Maybe everything seems more beautiful at this time of year, because everything is in transition and we are aware that we must let go.  In fact, letting go when things are at an “end” is part of the cycle.

Just as the trees give up their leaves, this is the ideal time for us to give up those habits, practices, and even relationships that no longer serve us. We have been changing and growing all year long and our needs have most likely also changed. Holding on to dead leaves does not help a tree weather the cold of winter, and holding on to outdated aspects of our lives will not aid us in moving forward either.

– Daska (California Psychics)

It’s an awareness of this that helps us fall in love with life in a much deeper way.

Impermanence is the beauty and the energy of life. Life is forever changing and transforming and turning into something new.  If we can honor this transformation we begin to see that as some things come to and end, new things are being born.

In this Autumn Season, how can you embrace this transformation?

What needs to end or is ending?  What will be born as a result?


A Releasing Ritual

You will need a fire of some kind to complete this ritual.  This can either be a campfire, fire pit or a fireproof container (cement, ceramic, etc.)

Bring to mind what you would like to Release (one thing at a time seems to be the most impactful).  Sit with this a moment.  Feel the feelings of your need to release this.

On a piece of paper, write down your release. Letting go begins as soon as you begin writing.  It is your conscious awareness and your intention to release that begins the activation of the release of problems, thoughts, and things from your life.  Be as descriptive as you like.

Picture your heart opening as you release.  When you feel ready crumple the paper you have written on and either throw it into the fire or place it in the “fire bowl”.

As you watch the paper burn, visualize what is unwanted rising up in the smoke, being released from you.   Allow yourself to experience whatever you are feeling: fear, anxiety, sadness, loss, gratitude.

When your paper is ash offer a releasing affirmation such as:

“Today I release what I don’t want. I let go, allowing my higher self and Source to work on my behalf.  I am healed and renewed. I open my heart to love, and I am blessed with peace, joy, and harmony.”

Scatter the ashes on the wind or in the water.


Take three long, slow breaths.  Bring yourself to this moment, to this creative sanctuary.  Now with intention ask … What needs to go?

Spend at least 5 minutes writing about what you need to let go of.  Sit with your observations a moment.

Our journal page for today is an expression of Letting Go.


Gratitude for releasing can be a freeing experience.

“I am grateful for

_________________________ “



Letting Go is something we can all practice for our well-being.

We tend to hold on to old ideals, old beliefs, old opinions, behaviors and possessions that we have simply outgrown or never served us in the first place.  It isn't always easy to Let Go but with consistent practice and starting “small” we can make room for something new.

Please share your ideas and observations in the comments below or the Art Room Activity Feed.


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