The Best of 2018

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2018 was a fantastic year. Here’s your 18 favorite pages in order of popularity

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#1-  30 Days of Brave

30 Days of Brave

#2-  8 Health Benefits of Drinking Turmeric Tea Daily

turmeric tea

#3- EXPLORE: A list of our Intention-Certified® Courses#4- How to Build Lasting Confidence

how to build confidence

#5- 30 Days of Health

30 Days of Health

#6- Day One of 30 Days of Love


#7- 30 Days of Enlightenment

30 Days of Enlightenment

#8- 6 Little Known Ways to Loving Yourself More Every Day

6 Little known Ways to Love Yourself More Every Day

#9- 8 Things To Do When A Loved One is Sick

8 Things To Do When A Loved One is Sick

#10- 30 Days of Love

#11- ’13 Reason Why’ You Are Enough

#12- Day One of 30 Days of Health

I am purpose-driven

#13- Day One of 30 Days of Brave

I am inspired

#14- The One Minute Meditation

The one minute meditation

#15- How Do I Know If I Am Truly Ambitious

#16- 2019 Abundance – How to Manifest More Abundance by Looking Backward at 2018’s Blessings

2018 Abundance from 2017 Gratitude

#17- 7 Benefits of Meditation for Mind, Body and Spirit

benefits of meditation

#18- 30 Days of Mindfulness

30 Days of Mindfulness

Cheers to an even better 2019!!!

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