The Trap of Busy (How Busy Brings Us Down)

By Laura Thomas
Laura is a writer, performer, mindfulness instructor, yoga teacher, entrepreneur, and some days, a fairy princess. After the tragic loss of her older brother in 2011, Laura decided the one guideline she’d use to orient the rest of her life was this: Life is short. Only do things that make the world a more compassionate place.

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Carole El-Hage
Carole El-Hage

It’s so powerful! It spoke a lot to me!! I’m reading and trying to project those idea into my life, it’s soooo hard to apply all these strong ideas!!! Being the multitasker at home makes you soooo busy doing actually nothing but serving others, never YOU! and it’s not only expected my others, but specially by myself! what would they do without all the service (often taken for granted) I’m offering them ! but also I, as a mother, would feel empty and so selfish not helping everybody in the family run their own life and grow up!
But this article is certainly worth looking at and reading couple of time in order to digest as it gives life a new meaning and it’s always inspiring to see the world in different way! Making even small changes and being aware of ourselves will have a great impact on our lives!
Thanks a lot Laura


“Don’t waste time comparing yourself to what others are able to accomplish, feeling like, “If they can do it, why can’t I?””
Also, realize that you have no idea what it could cost the others to accomplish those things. They might be barely making it through the day, stressed out to no end.
Stop comparing yourself to others, seriously. Focus on yourself what YOU want to do, what is important to YOU!


Hi, I just signed up for the 30 day challenge yesterday recommended by a friend of mine. Am I in the right spot to ask questions about how all of this works? I did get a wonderful motivational email this morning. My goal is to begin exercising after a very long break due to overwhelm with caregiving. So when I got up this morning, I rode my stationary bike for 5 minutes. I set the a timer. Tomorrow I will add 5 more minutes. I’m not sure if we are to be logging on our own or blogging somewhere, or where to go for support. Are there links to find things that pertain to me? Is there a way to post a pic, a place for techy difficulties? Contact phone number?



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