What is the meaning of your life

What is the meaning of your life?

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While contemplating this recently, I connected with my soul and the answer struck me like a thunderbolt.

Recently I have been feeling overwhelmed by things happening in my life and often wondering… “What is the meaning of life?”

Stress overload can drain me completely. When it happens to me, I feel like a zombie and drink caffeine as if I have a drip of the purest string black coffee pumping into my veins. This time I was different as I started to question myself on the meaning of my life. Have you asked yourself what is the meaning of your life lately?

What is the meaning of life?

While contemplating this recently, I couldn't arrive at an answer … so I go outside to watch the sunrise and meditate on my doorstep. I connected with my soul and asked the same question and the answer struck me like a thunderbolt.

The answer was to spend time with myself and get to know myself from within. not how others see me. Then, only by asking within, will I really get to know my destiny and find the meaning of my life. It was a lightbulb moment for me. I thought at first, I had to talk to myself. No, it is more about connecting to your soul and listening to it.

What do you want to want to achieve in life?

So I asked myself what do I want to achieve in life? My answer was to see my family happy and achieving the best out of their life. It was the wrong answer as my soul is telling me what that I am leading two lives: one where I am doing things for others all the time and where I might feel I have to do things because people might expect me to do things or behave in a certain way. Then there is the other life where I dream on how I imagine my life could turn out like. Dreams and goals are all part of our soul telling us what our destiny is. These dreams will never be a reality unless I do something to achieve my goals.

So what are you going to do?

“What am I going to do about it?” I asked my inner self. My biggest dream is to be a writer, not just to write a few words here and there but to make a career out of it. I knew then I had to make plans for achieving this. I realized I have to start planning my steps into small goals I could easily achieve and boost my belief in myself and turning my dreams into reality.

What I found helps, is to write down your dreams on what you would like your life to be like, then break it all down into small steps that you can work on. By achieving small goals, it will boost your confidence in yourself, and it might even make yourself think that your dreams can be a reality. Part of my process is to find the avenues that I feel I could write for.

I want to write a novel, blog, write for magazines etc. I have started my novel but my I felt I should focus on something else alongside my primary goal (getting a book published) so I thought I would start blogging as it gets me into that creative mood and I hope people will get some help from my words ( another goal for me). By blogging, I get to test if I can commit myself to take the small steps to achieve my goals and gives me a boost. And here I am doing it!

I asked myself, “What is stopping me?”

The list is endless here, my family needs me, housework, tv, social media, my phone. I realized I get distracted when I am with others and surrounded with my phone or iPad or the tv remote or my family. So I now have turned my spare room into a writing den where I ban my tv and phone and I am rising early and go into the spare room instead of the living room. Social media is a big distraction for me so I am limiting myself on it, so instead of hitting Facebook I jot down ideas or write a few paragraphs when I am waiting in doctors waiting rooms.

What are your distractions?

Along with fueling up with the coffee, I started to resent my life and why it was so tough … Would things ever get any better? Have you asked yourself, “What are my distractions?” Ask yourself, “What do you want to achieve in life?” I have more questions to ask myself, so I can get to get to know my soul's intention, but I am taking time to understand the inner me and my soul. That will mean creating ‘me time.' You might be saying, “But Jeanette, my life is too busy!” Well, maybe you can find a way to slow down a bit. For example, I have cut down my TV time, and my social media viewing.

Write down what your distractions are and what time you spend on your phone, watching tv, sorting out family or whatever. Then ask, “What are the essential things?” What can you give up so you can get more ‘me time'?

Are you living it to please others or leading a life guided by your inner self-desires?

Do you know what your soul is telling you?

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2 thoughts on “What is the meaning of your life?”

  1. You are so right. Once you become a mom, everything is for the children – which it needs to be to a certain extent; however, more times than not we let it take away who we are. Then you turn around and the children have their own lives and you suddenly realize you have lost yours….

    Smart phones are a necessity in today’s life. Social media is NOT! I deliberately put my phone in another room when I’m consumed by it. We start living our lives through everyone else’s posts and adventures instead of living our own adventures. So glad I read this article today. The most peaceful time of my day is when I put the phone in the fanny pack (yes fanny pack, it keeps it out of my hands but there should I fall and need help) and walk to the lake to watch the sun set every night. The exercise not only helps my body but soothes me emotionally and reduces the stress of the day.

    Thanks again and live your words! You’re doing great!

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