What is the meaning of your life?

By Jeanette Selfridge

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Diane Temean
Diane Temean

You are so right. Once you become a mom, everything is for the children – which it needs to be to a certain extent; however, more times than not we let it take away who we are. Then you turn around and the children have their own lives and you suddenly realize you have lost yours….

Smart phones are a necessity in today’s life. Social media is NOT! I deliberately put my phone in another room when I’m consumed by it. We start living our lives through everyone else’s posts and adventures instead of living our own adventures. So glad I read this article today. The most peaceful time of my day is when I put the phone in the fanny pack (yes fanny pack, it keeps it out of my hands but there should I fall and need help) and walk to the lake to watch the sun set every night. The exercise not only helps my body but soothes me emotionally and reduces the stress of the day.

Thanks again and live your words! You’re doing great!



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