“WHO AM I?” … Grab Your Journal and Let’s Find Out!

Let's compile the data we have been collecting about ourselves until we can clearly define: Who Am I?


Prefer to listen? 👇

I intend to speak to myself with love and compassion.  

If you want extra staying power for this intention go to the mirror and say this to yourself.  Mirror work might feel uncomfortable at first but with practice you will really make a loving connection to the beautiful being that you are.

“Spring unlocks the flowers to paint the laughing soil”

– Bishop Reginald Heber

Today we will compile all of the data that we have been collecting over the past few days and we will add to that data through a series of questions until we can clearly define:

Who Am I?

Who am I at this stage of my growth and consciousness?   Spend the next 5-10 minutes writing a stream of consciousness (free flow, continuous writing.  It is important that you just continue to write.  If you get stuck write the sentence “Who am I” over and over again until you can continue)  We are just collecting data.  We are impartial and nonjudgmental.

Read the following affirmation out loud with purpose and intent:

I Am Worthy of a life of joy and I am open to receive it.

Who Am I?  

Get out your journal and let's find out.

How do I feel right now?

What are my thoughts about life?

What are my top 5 core values?

Am I living in alignment with these values?

What would I have to change to be in alignment?

What are my top 5 challenges?  (Some examples: I say yes when I want to say no, I am not a good listener, I don't trust anyone, I have to be perfect, I am comparing myself to others constantly, I have to be right, health issues, my job, my relationship to__________, I don't have money, I feel invisible, I am lonely, I am depressed…you get the idea)

What are your strengths?

What do you need to be happy?

Are you generally balanced emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually?

Finding out who we are can be a journey of a lifetime.  Who we are today is not who we will be tomorrow or five years from now (even though it may seem that way).  Each day is an opportunity for growth, expansion, and change and these things will happen whether we consciously embrace them or not.  By becoming clear on who we believe ourselves to be in this moment we can make adjustments if necessary.  We can begin to live a life that fulfills us and brings us joy.

If you are moved to create in color draw a picture of life.

I am getting clear on who I am in this moment.

Today I am grateful for these things about myself



Please take a moment to pause and reflect on how it feels to know more about who you are in the Activity Feed.

Remember, we are gathering data.  We are not fixing, judging, critiquing or analyzing ourselves.  We are aware that we are enough just the way we are. The more we know about who we believe ourselves to be and who we really are, the more compassion, understanding and love we can give ourselves and receive from others.


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