WILD 🐺 Live Freely with a Courageous Heart

WILD 🐺 Live Freely with a Courageous Heart

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Courageously embrace the unknown and create the life of your dreams with the 30 Days of Adventure Journey.

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Wild and Free

Today, let's embrace the calling of our wild authentic heart, stepping into freedom and joy with courage.

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Embrace Your Wild Heart

Let's claim what’s ours—Freedom and Joy! To be wild is to venture into the unknown, embracing the hidden corners of our existence with open arms. The treasures we seek lie within, guided by the compass of our intuition. Despite the shadows of doubt cast by others and the whispers of our ego, let's dance with destiny, no guarantees required. Our Inner Being is the most faithful guide, leading us to where we're meant to blossom.

Today's Key Takeaways:

  • Trust in the wisdom of your wild heart.
  • Embrace the unknown as a path to true freedom.
  • Let your intuition be your guide.

Inspirational Quote

Those who have the courage to howl will find their wolf pack.

Those who have the courage to howl will find their wolf pack.

Food for Thought

Nothing, nothing, will replace your soul.

To be wild is to dive into the depths of one's everlasting soul and let passion and creative madness fly freely. This may cause us to be exiled by others and yet to comply with what others want causes us to be exiled from ourselves. Staying true to oneself during this journey is a difficult process when others try to impose their own fears on us. Yet through the awakening of our courageous action, we can greet these fears with compassion, knowing that their fears were once our own.

The Science of Being Wild

Speaking of getting wild, science shows that exposure to nature and engaging in adventurous activities can significantly boost our happiness and sense of well-being.

This natural prescription encourages us to:

  • Spend time in nature to enhance our mood and creativity.
  • Challenge ourselves with new experiences to foster growth and resilience.
  • Listen to our inner voice, as it's aligned with our natural instincts.

Your Mantra

I Am Wild.

This mantra is a declaration of our inherent freedom and the untamed spirit that resides within. It's a reminder that being wild is our birthright, a state of being that allows us to live fully, authentically, and with boundless joy.

Mindfulness Practice

Pause for a moment, and let's journey inward to the wilderness of our inner self. Take a deep breath, filling your lungs with the air of possibility and exhaling the constraints of conformity. Envision yourself at the threshold of your wildest dream—perhaps it's a place you've yearned to explore, or an expression of your deepest passion, like singing atop a mountain or dancing under the moonlight.

With each breath, allow yourself to feel the freedom of this dream. Notice the sensations in your body, the emotions that surface, and the thoughts that flutter through your mind. Acknowledge the courage it takes to step beyond the familiar into the realm of what could be.

Now, reflect on what cultural norms or personal fears have held you back from pursuing this dream. Imagine yourself gently releasing these bonds, one by one, with love and gratitude for the lessons they've taught you. Feel a sense of support and courage building within you, a knowing that you have the strength to transform your dream into reality.

May we carry this sense of freedom and courage with us today. Let it guide our actions, reminding us that the masterpiece of our life is painted with the bold strokes of our wildest dreams turned into purposeful actions.

Journaling for the Wild Heart
  • What does being wild mean to you?
  • Recall a moment when you felt most free. What were you doing?
  • Imagine your life lived in complete authenticity. What changes?

Courage in Action

Let's create space for more of our wild authenticity to shine.

We are here to thrive and not to live in the shadow of past mistakes and shame that was imposed by someone’s insecurities. Anyone who does not support our dreams, our art, our life, is not worth our time. Let's take a moment to release what is holding us back, be it a job, a person, social circles, old habits, or old beliefs in order to make space for what the wildness of our heart is craving.


  1. Acknowledge what is currently holding you back from embracing more of your wild, powerful nature.
  2. Feel grateful for the ways this person or thing has served you in the past.
  3. Release this person, thing, or belief energetically and notice what actions are necessary to allow a clean and full release.

Gratitude for the Wild Journey

Let's take a deep inhale filled with gratitude for the wildness within us and the journey it invites us on.

Exhaling with a sigh, appreciating the courage and joy that come from living in alignment with our wild courageous heart.

Affirm Your Wild Nature

I am creating a masterpiece with my life. 

I courageously step into the unknown to uncover the essence of my soul. 

I stay true to the calling of my heart. 

I trust in the guidance of my intuition. 

I release that which does not serve my freedom, joy, and growth. 

I am authentic to my wild nature.

I AM WILD affirmation

Celebrate Your Wildness

Congratulations on embracing your wild heart today! Let this session be a stepping stone to a life lived with more freedom, authenticity, and courage. Keep nurturing your wild spirit and watch as your life transforms into a beautiful masterpiece.

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Join the Conversation

What is one way you are inspired to explore and express your wild free spirit today?

Let's hear your howl in the comments and cheer each other on towards our wildest aspirations!

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