WORDS - consciously creating our reality with the power of language

🗣 WORDS – consciously creating our reality with the power of language


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WORDS - consciously creating our reality with the power of language

Today, let's be more conscious of the reality we're creating with the words we choose to use.

There is power in the words we speak.

Power to create or “destroy”. Power to soothe or agitate. Power to build relationships or disregard them.

This power does not only apply to words used towards others.

It also applies to the words we speak to ourselves and the words we use to tell our stories.  It is important to be intentional about the words we use.

What messages are we sending to ourselves and the Universe?


Do you ever use the word “impossible” or talk about “what will never happen“?

Ever say “I can't” or “I don't” or “I should“?

Do you speak in absolutes?  “I am so clumsy” or “They are so disrespectful“.

Do you use any labels when referring to yourself?  Fat, Disorganized, Shy, Pathetic, Lazy, etc…

Do you spend a lot of time complaining?

Our conditioned mind likes to tell us a story that we are just being realistic. But, as we will observe, these words we use become a self-fulfilling prophecy.


science shows creativity

Psychologists have found that our subconscious mind interprets what it hears very literally.

Whatever words you use, your body, mind, and environment will eventually follow. This information, however, is older than the Bible.

Being intentional about the words we use begins with observation.

Are we using words that empower and expand our consciousness or words that devalue our worth and keep us unbalanced?



For one week, be very conscious of the words you speak and write them down every day.

This will give you a very good idea of what you are telling yourself and the Universe.




“I am conscious of the words I speak because I know that I Am listening.

My words become my reality.

I speak to myself and others with love and compassion.


I hope you have gathered some magazines because you will need them for today's creative journal exercise:

  1. Make a cool background.
  2. Cut out 50 words or phrases (or more).
  3. Lay them all out on the page and arrange them in a manner that creates a poem or a paragraph.
  4. Compost the words that don't apply and/or cut out more that resonate.


“As I spend time observing the words that create my reality,

I feel grateful for ___________________ “



Do you speak to yourself with love and compassion?

If we approach this creatively (with curiosity, observation, and inspired action) we can become aware and shift our words.   We can avoid getting too critical with ourselves or fearful if we speak “negatively”.

What is one shift you are inspired to make with your words?

Please share your observations and creative musings in the comments below or the Art Room Activity Feed.


Today's intentional session is a small excerpt from this 30-day journey we think you'd love!


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