Morning Routine: PRESENT 👁 basking in I amness with broader awareness


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Today, let's rest in the felt sense of “I amness” by witnessing with broader awareness.

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There is a brief time, between sleeping and waking when reality begins to warp back into present-day life.

This state of consciousness, leading out of sleep, is referred to as the hypnopompic state (or hypnopompia).  During these first moments of waking up, rigid consciousness is returning to awareness as the gently lapping waves of our untethered dream state begin to dissolve.


This liminal arousal is a unique opportunity to enjoy our spacious beingness and quieted mind before it gets a'head' of us into the day.

Dr. Ainslie Meares shares that the deepest states of meditation involve a deeply restful mental state in which one was awake but not asleep. In this type of meditation, the body and mind are relaxed so that the mind slows and becomes still—maximizing health and well-being. On a deeper level, it is a profoundly spiritual practice and somewhere in between, it is an accessible way to positively reshape the unconscious.

✨ TRY IT 👇

Immediately upon naturally waking up tomorrow morning, notice, and savor this hypnopompic meditative state.

The first minutes leading up to the moment we wake up is essential and should be invested wisely as it’s going to determine the quality of the rest of your day. Waking up slowly conditions our mind and body to follow a healthy and intentional structure for the waking state.


During his morning routine walk, Mooji offers simple and practical guidance for how best to start the day grounded in presence.

Just be aware of the sense of being, it is not personal. Of all habits, this is going to be the most fruitful, the most delivering. And this habit becomes integrated in your being. The more you try this, the better it gets!

– Mooji

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As extensions of Source and creators of worlds, how we focus our energy is how we manifest our reality.

Any desire can be fulfilled; the only requirement is our focus. The quality of our focus (often referred to as “positive” or “negative”) is what determines how we feel moment-to-moment during the endless journey of manifesting thoughts into things.


Positive thoughts lead to positive experiences, while negative thoughts manifest negative experiences.

This is why gratitude is such a powerful practice to include in our morning routine. It is a simple and accessible way to invite more joyful abundance into the rest of the day.

Let's practice!

  1. Reflect on something you wish you had more of; like love, money, joy, fame, or relationships.
  2. Recognize that it is the positive feelings you will feel upon having that thing that inspires your desire to manifest it.
  3. Appreciate what you already have that creates the same positive feelings.
  4. Remember that you are always worthy to receive more of those things that bring you joy.
  5. Trust that benevolent Universal forces are working on your behalf as you think and speak and do what feels good for you.


If you could only get one thing done today, what would it be?


This question helps us really narrow down what is most important.

It's often easier to get distracted with the smaller, less important things because, let's face it, they're easy! But with our series of healthy habit stacking (AKA our morning routine) we have already gained powerful momentum so that we can spend the rest of the day devoted to those things that are most important.


Personally, after writing my morning pages, I immediately write down my “to-dos” for the day while I'm still aligned, clear-headed, and inspired.

This serves as an anchor throughout the day to reference what things are most important to focus on—especially as the unexpected demands and requests of others grab hold. As a bonus, it's inspiring to flip back day-to-day and see what items were completed or not.



How about you?

If you could only get one thing done today, what would it be?

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Today's intentional session is an excerpt from our 7-Day Morning Routine journey that we think you'd dig!

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