I am connecting to my creator through my rituals.

The Creative’s Sanctuary: Finding Your Spiritual Center Through Personal Rituals

Week 11, Day 7 of The Artist's Way

Today, let's tune into the sensory experience of our artist's centering rituals.


Morning pages are meditation, a practice that bring you to your creativity and your creator God.

In order to stay easily and happily creative, we need to stay spiritually centered. This is easier to do if we allow ourselves centering rituals. It is important that we devise these ourselves from the elements that feel holy and happy to us.

Many blocked creatives grew up in punitively religious homes. For us to stay happily and easily creative, we need to heal from this, becoming spiritually centered through creative rituals of our own. A spiritual room or even a spiritual corner is an excellent way to do this.

This haven can be a corner of a room, a nook under the stairs, even a window ledge. It is a reminder and an acknowledgment of the fact that our creator unfolds our creativity. Fill it with things that make you happy.

Remember that your artist is fed by images.

We need to unlearn our old notion that spirituality and sensuality don’t mix. An artist’s altar should be a sensory experience.

We are meant to celebrate the good things of this earth. Pretty leaves, rocks, candles, sea treasures—all these remind us of our creator.

Small rituals, self-devised, are good for the soul.

Burning incense while reading affirmations or writing them, lighting a candle, dancing to drum music, holding a smooth rock and listening to Gregorian chant—all of these tactile, physical techniques reinforce spiritual growth.

Remember, the artist child speaks the language of the soul: music, dance, scent, shells … 

Your artist’s altar to the creator should be fun to look at, even silly. Remember how much little kids like gaudy stuff. Your artist is a little kid, so …

(The Artist's Way, 2016, p. 189-190)

I am connecting to my creator through my rituals.

I embrace my spirituality and creativity as I create my own personal rituals to stay centered and connected to my creator. I celebrate the beauty of this earth and honor my inner artist by creating a sensory haven filled with joy and happiness.

Once more, reexamine your God concept.

  • Does my belief system limit or support your creative expansion?
  • Am I open-minded about altering my concept of God?
  • What does the concept of God mean to me personally?
  • What experiences have shaped my understanding of God?
  • Am I open to exploring different perspectives and beliefs about God?
  • What does a relationship with God look like for me?
  • How has my understanding of God changed over time and why?
  • What is my understanding of the role of God in my life?
  • What fears or doubts do I have about my beliefs regarding God?
  • How do I see God reflected in the world around me?
  • How do I incorporate spirituality into my daily life?
  • What are my deepest questions and desires regarding my connection to God?

“Art does not reproduce the visible; rather, it makes it visible. The moon develops creativity as chemicals develop photographic images.”

– Norma Jean Harris

How are you inspired to play with your Artist's Altar today?

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