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Meditation: Use Visualization to Manifest Your Reality

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We all have the power to create our reality through visualization - we just need to learn the tools. In this guided meditation video, you'll discover the exact technique to help you visualize and empower the intention "I am Brave."

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Visualization is one of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal. Ever heard the phrase, “If you can believe it, you can achieve it”? Well, visualization is a really big part of believing that you're going to achieve something. In fact, seeing IS believing.

How is it that some people seem to execute their plans effortlessly and excel at creating their dreams, while other people hit roadblocks repeatedly and lose hope to discouragement and confusion?

One of the biggest keys here is the power of visualization.

If you have a strong visualization practice, you can dream things into reality.

And that's just it! It's a practice. We are all given the natural ability to create and manifest our reality, we just need to hone our skills. (I'll show you how in this video!)

This is a tool you can use in any aspect of your life. By clearly visualizing your goal – how it feels, what it looks like, who else is there, when and where it takes place – you are much more likely to achieve it. (Try these 6 steps to attracting your visualization)

In fact, by visualizing a goal in detail, you help the Universe conspire to co-create it with you by laying out a crystal clear blueprint.

When the end goal is already defined, the steps to get there unfold easily before you. You'll see the path more clearly, and by setting a specific intention, the Universe can provide support to help you reach your destination.

Many professional athletes talk about how visualization helps them excel in their sport, reducing distractions and self-defeating thoughts and increasing confidence and efficacy.

The same goes for your everyday life: see it, feel it, dream it into reality.

In our last meditation video, we cleared out our energy bodies of old trauma and emotional memories that were blocking us from being brave in the NOW. This laid the groundwork for today's powerful visualization exercise by clearing a path for new memories and empowered beliefs to be made.

In this guided meditation video, I'll show you how to clearly visualize yourself feeling brave and acting on it. The clearer you become in your imagination, the easier it is to achieve in real life.

Be bold. Be brave. Ask for what you really want in your heart of hearts. DREAM IT and watch it unfold before you.

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