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  1. GETTING STARTED: The Basic Tools

    The Book
  2. The Morning Pages
  3. The Artist's Date
  4. The Basic Principles
  5. The Artist’s Way Contract
  6. Invite a Friend
  7. WEEK 1: cultivating clarity
  8. WEEK 1: Recovering a Sense of Safety
    Taking Ourself Playfully Serious
  9. Protect the Artist Child Within
  11. Soften into the Unknown
  12. Release False Negative Beliefs
  13. Recognize Either/Or Thinking
  14. AUDACITY ~ moving past jealously
  15. Transmute Negative Self-Talk into Positive Action
  16. WEEK 2: going with the flow
  17. WEEK 2: Recovering a Sense of Identity
    Neutralize Self-Doubt
  18. Cultivate Safe Space
  19. Acknowledge the Crazymakers
  20. Release Self-Sabotaging Skepticism
  21. Balance the Skeptic
  22. Connecting with Delight
  23. Receive the Gift of Pain
  24. Week 3: Recovering a Sense of Power
  25. Week 3: Recovering a Sense of Power
    Discover the Invitation of Anger
  26. Act on Synchronicity
  27. Embrace the Struggle
  28. Invite Healthy Criticism
  29. Decern Between Useful and Toxic Criticism
  30. Uncouple Guilt from Your Gifts
  31. Slow Down to Speed Up
  32. Acknowledge How You Really Feel
  33. Week 4: Recovering a Sense of Integrity
    Clarity for Constructive Change
  34. Become Available to the Moment
  35. Create Space for Change
  36. Changes that Feed the Soul
  37. Rest in Motion
  38. Create Space for Creativity to Flow
  39. Explore the Greater Possibilities
  40. Week 5: Recovering a Sense of Possibility
    Let the Flow's Will Be Done
  41. Saying Yes to the Flow
  42. Accept the Generous Joys
  43. Honor Healing Solitude
  44. Reclaim Personal Power
  45. Recover Your True Nature
  46. Redefine God's Will
  47. Week 6: Recovering a Sense of Abundance
    Open to Supernatural Support
  48. Do What You're Meant to Do
  49. Pamper Yourself into Abundance
  50. Follow What Brings Joy
  51. Live in Luxury
  52. Get Serious About Play
  53. Listen Beyond the Egoic Censor
  54. Week 7: Recovering a Sense of Connection
    Listen to Inspired Intuition
  55. Expect the Universe to Help
  56. Ease the Perfectionism and Enjoy the Process
  57. Release Conditioned Limits
  58. Alchemize Jealousy into Creative Action
  59. Discover the Root of Jealousy
  60. Turn Artistic Losses into Gains
  61. Week 8: Recovering a Sense of Strength
    Unlearn Beliefs that Stifle Creativity
  62. Uncover the Gain within a Loss
  63. Building Resiliency and Empowerment in the Face of Loss
  64. Embrace Timeless Creativity by Overcoming the Blocks of Age and Self-Doubt
  65. Thee Key to a Creative Life: The Next Best Step
  66. Overcoming Procrastination to Cultivate Creativity through Small Daily Actions
  67. Unlock Creativity by Overcoming Fear with Love
  68. Week 9: Recovering a Sense of Compassion
    Embracing the Power of Enthusiasm in the Artistic Journey
  69. The Commitment to Health in Recovering from Artist's Block
  70. Extending Sympathy and Asking for Help in Navigating Fear and Failure
  71. Overcoming Resentment and Resistance for Free-Flowing Artistic Work
  72. Releasing the Fears That Inhibit Authentic Creation
  73. Create Time to Take Playful Creative Action
  74. Alchemizing Fearful Anxiety Into Creative Fuel
  75. Week 10: Recovering a Sense of Self-Protection
    Overcoming Workaholism and Unleashing Creative Energy
  76. Creator's Block — Navigating the Droughts of a Creative Life
  77. The Fame Paradox — Navigating the Dangers of Spiritual Addiction in the Pursuit of Success
  78. The Fame Fix — Finding Self-Approval and Nurturing Your Creative Self
  79. SELF-APPROVAL — Winning Within and Overcoming the Competition of Self-Doubt
  80. ACCEPTANCE — Creating What Wants to Be Created
  81. Week 11: Recovering a Sense of Autonomy
    SELF-ACCEPTANCE: Embracing the Gift of Your Unique Creativity
  82. Begin Again: Embracing the Necessity of Becoming a Beginner (Again)
  83. VIGILANCE — Balancing Art and Finance
  84. THE ZEN OF SPORTS — moving out of the head & into the body
  85. The Power of Exercise: Finding Strength, Inspiration and Solutions Through Movement
  86. The Creative's Sanctuary: Finding Your Spiritual Center Through Personal Rituals
  87. FAITH — Overcoming Fear, Resistance, and Self-Destruction with Courageous Action
  88. Week 12: Recovering a Sense of Faith
    Finding Bliss: The Art of Aligning Your Dreams with God's Will
  89. The Art of Surrender: Embracing the Mystery and Trusting the Darkness of Creativity
  90. The Playful Imagination: Redefining Creativity and Reaping Its Benefits
  91. Finding Your Playful Muse: A Journey to Unleash Your Creative Fire
  92. Self-Containment — the first rule of creating magic
  93. CREATIVITY CONTRACT - a commitment to accomplishing ongoing creative plans
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The Power of Exercise: Finding Strength, Inspiration and Solutions Through Movement

Week 11, Day 6 of The Artist's Way

Today, let's literally move from stagnation to inspiration, from problem to solution, from self-pity to self-respect.

THE ZEN OF SPORTS (continued)

Exercise teaches the rewards of process.

It teaches the sense of satisfaction over small tasks well done … Rather than scotch a creative project when it frustrates us, we learn to move through the difficulty.

It is not only the sense of a communion with nature that creates a singing in the heart. An endorphin-induced natural high is one of the by-products of exercise itself. A runner may feel the same celebratory sense of well-being pounding a dirty city street that Libby finds as she posts rhythmically along a country trail.

As we said before, we learn by going where we have to go. 

Exercise is often the going that moves us from stagnation to inspiration, from problem to solution, from self-pity to self-respect. We do learn by going. We learn we are stronger than we thought. We learn to look at things with a new perspective. We learn to solve our problems by tapping our own inner resources and listening for inspiration, not only from others but from ourselves. Seemingly without effort, our answers come while we swim or stride or ride or run. By definition, this is one of the fruits of exercise: “exercise: the act of bringing into play or realizing in action” (Webster’s Ninth).

(The Artist's Way, 2016, p. 187 – 189)

I am moving and growing through difficulty.

I am free to free-associate and allow things to fall into place. I am strong and capable, exercise helps me tap into my inner resources and find solutions to my challenges. I am grateful for the sense of satisfaction and well-being it brings, allowing me to look at things with a new perspective and find inspiration within myself.

List ten examples of personal synchronicity that support the possibility of a nurturing creative force.


  1. Meeting a person who offers the perfect job opportunity, just when you were feeling lost and unsure of your career path.
  2. Finding a book or article that provides the exact information or inspiration you were seeking, when you weren't even actively looking for it.
  3. Having a vivid dream that provides insight into a problem you were struggling with, and then waking up with a newfound sense of clarity and direction.
  4. Receiving an unexpected gift or message from someone who has been on your mind or in your thoughts, when you were least expecting it.
  5. Experiencing a chance encounter with a person who has a profound impact on your life, and then realizing later that this meeting was no coincidence.
  6. Feeling guided to take a particular path or make a certain decision, and then experiencing positive outcomes as a result.
  7. Discovering a hidden talent or passion through a series of seemingly random events and experiences.
  8. Overcoming a difficult obstacle or challenge, and then realizing that the skills and strength you gained from that experience were exactly what you needed for a future opportunity.
  9. Having a feeling of “knowing” that a certain outcome will happen, and then having that outcome unfold as you envisioned.
  10. Having synchronistic experiences that seem to confirm a larger purpose or mission in life, and a sense of being part of something greater than oneself.

“Here in this body are the sacred rivers: here are the sun and moon as well as all the pilgrimage places…. I have not encountered another temple as blissful as my own body.”

– Saraha

What has inspired you to connect with your body more recently?

Share in the comments below👇

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