Q + A with Amy Leo: Creator of the 30 Days of Love Challenge

By Amy Leo

Our 30 Days of Love Challenge Series is here! Now that we’ve made it free to try we’ve been getting rave reviews about it and you’ve all asked to know more about its creator Amy Leo. So here’s a little bit more about her. We absolutely LOVE her (pun intended ?). We think you will too.

30 Days of Love Begins!

Amy Leo Q & A:

Q. What is your favorite city you have lived in? I hear you travel a lot.


I do love to travel. Often my Dad calls up and asks, “What country are you in today?”

I have lived in six different countries and while they all have their perks, my favorite city is Madrid, Spain. I just love everything about Madrid: the culture, the food, the architecture, the nightlife, the language, the climate, the people.

Plus, I suppose I am a little biased here because this is where I fell in love with my fiancé.

Q. That’s right you are getting married soon, congratulations! Tell me more about that.

Amy LeoWell, I certainly wasn’t planning on getting married! I was enjoying being an “independent” woman making her own money and traveling the world. There is even a video of me in early 2015 basically saying there is no such thing as a soulmate and that people should basically stop being so picky.

Since then, my view on romantic love has completely changed! That is the beauty of the human system, our minds can and do change. Through direct experience, I have realized that the fairytales and rom-coms were imitating real life, not the other way around as I had previously thought. I discovered that a soulmate connection is real.

Who knew?!

Q. What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Not going to medical school after being accepted. Although this may sound odd, listening to my intuition at the age of 21 was a huge accomplishment. I was/am very close with my family and the expectation of taking a traditional “safe, secure” career path was strong. I consider this my first real “adult” decision and I am so grateful for having made it.
The past 10 years of my life have been so rich with adventure, connection, personal growth, music, authenticity, and love. If I had gone through with medical school, I would not be the same person I am today. (I certainly wouldn’t have met my husband-to-be either!)

Q. What is your professional background?

Amy Leo Warm Smile Blue ShirtI worked with children and teens discharged from psychiatric hospitals, as well as their families for 5 years in New York City as an intensive in-home counselor. Although I really enjoyed the job, it didn’t seem that my clients weren’t really getting better, not in a sustainable way at least.

My gut kept telling me “there has got to be a better way.” So I quit my social work job. I sang and traveled for a bit and then completed a One Year Mental Health Education Apprenticeship Program. That training on the human mind has made all the difference in my personal life and in my career.

Q. What are you doing now?

I now work in the private practice sector and as a consultant for others in the helping professions.

I work with singles and couples, teaching them how to make their minds work for them, instead of against them. The core result is that her clients now experience resilience and clarity of mind that they use to guide their decisions as they deal with real-world challenges such as loneliness, depression, anxiety and panic attacks, infidelity, abuse, separation, and divorce.

I am, of course, also still traveling. I am actually moving to Helsinki, Finland next month. I also write professionally and host a weekly podcast show, What We Should Have Learned in School.

Q. Ah ok, nice. What places has your work been featured?

Oh gosh. Huffington Post, Amazon.com, ABC, Marriage.com, MentalHappy, Three Principles Supermind, The Anxiety Coaches Podcast, Consciously Speaking, Waking Up, Contact Talk Radio, Elephant Journal, and of course Intention Inspired to name a few.

Q. What can members expect from this 30 Days of Love Challenge Series?

A totally different experience than what they are probably used to!

The challenge is designed with sustainability in mind and invokes Subtractive Psychology. So instead of adding more tips, tricks, advice, or to-do’s, the challenge focuses on the foundations of love: what love is and what it really isn’t. This will support participants in experiencing more love, more kindness in their life on a daily basis.

I have seen this educational, subtractive approach foster miracles in people’s lives.

I have seen people with mental health diagnoses such as bipolar, depression, and anxiety, no longer identify with or experience the symptoms of these diagnoses.

I have seen people who were single and struggling with low self-esteem, loneliness, and the fear of being alone and not finding the one, reach a sense of inner peace and ironically, down the road, find a life partner.

I have also worked with couples who were on the verge of divorce, fall back in love with one another.

The implications and possibilities are infinite when we look at the simple, but profound driving principles behind love and being human.

Join us!

I invite you to join us! You’ll certainly be glad that you’re taking this inward journey. You may be amazed at what you can do in 30 days with just 5 – 10 minutes a day focused on love. We’ll be here with you. The more the merrier. You owe it to yourself to give it a try, or at least something like it. You’ll thank yourself later.


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Amy Leo
Amy Leo is a fellow human being doing the best she can. She is a three principles paradigm coach, singer-songwriter, and travel addict. With a background in social work and mental health education, she is passionate about alleviating human psychological suffering and travels the world sharing a simple, profound, and scientific truth of how our human minds can work for us, instead of against us...particularly when it comes to our relationships. She loves dogs, her Finnish fiancé (she is even learning Finnish to prove it!), and could put Tzatziki sauce on nearly anything.
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