INSPIRED – rising to the call for adventure

Day 1 of 30 Days of Adventure

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Today, let's awaken the adventure that's beckoning within.

The material throughout this journey can be applied to any kind of adventure.

Be it a physical adventure like an exercise routine, a mental adventure like meditating, or a soulful adventure like practicing your craft.

You likely already know what you've been wanting to spend more time exploring … so let's unpack it!


The call for adventure beckons us all …

  • to shake up the stagnation of a monotonous lifestyle.
  • to take action on the yearnings of our awakening heart.
  • to receive the next set of challenges that will stimulate our growth.
  • to invigorate our vital life force energy with focus and determination.
  • to face the fears that will liberate and elevate our mind, body, and soul.
  • to embrace the darkness, face our shadows, and return with more freedom, joy, and light.
  • to understand who we are, in widening circles, so that we may claim more of the abundance of our inner resources.

… one inspiring intention at a time.

In terms of evolutionary biology, stagnation is death.

stagnant body becomes diseased and deteriorates. A stagnant mind gets stuck in destructive patterns. A stagnant comfortable lifestyle does not quench the soul and spirit of our magnificent being. Hence the call to adventure into the unknown to experience the necessary challenges that awaken us and inspire us to live our best life.


The Call to Adventure Meditation

This 3-minute meditation will help further clarify the adventure that is calling to you.


Without thinking too much, complete the inquiries below:

I would like to spend more time …

Recently, I've really been enjoying …

If I had unlimited resources, I would spend more time doing …

A current transition that is important right now is …

A few things I value most in life are …

What is most alive in my heart right now is …

What adventure are you inspired to spend the next 30 days (or more) exploring? 

The clearer and more specific we can be, the easier it will be to stay focused on our mission and goals throughout the journey. We can always change it up, but this will give us a great starting point to begin feeling into how the adventure wants to unfold.

Over the next 30 days, I am inspired to embark on the adventure of …


Day one and done!

Getting started is often the most difficult part of any adventure. So kudos for setting sail and gaining momentum towards living your best life!

Over to you!

What adventure are you inspired to spend time exploring?

We'd love to hear in the community comments.


How you start the day sets the tone for the rest of it.


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