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30 Days of Adventure

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  1. WEEK 1: cultivate clarity

    INSPIRED 🤠 rise to the call for adventure
  2. VISIONARY 🔮 craft clarity for aligned action
  3. EMBRACE 🤗 use fear to unearth freedom
  4. CURIOUS 🔦 illuminate fear with loving awareness
  5. COURAGE 🥾 step into the unknown
  6. GRACEFUL 🌊 embrace falling to rise anew
  7. CELEBRATE 👏 fuel small wins into big wins
  8. WEEK 2: going with the flow
    AWARE 👁️ converse with the nature of reality
  9. SYNERGY 🤝 unleash the power of community
  10. GUIDED 🧭 receive support from mentors
  11. TRUST 🙏 embrace Universal support amidst uncertainty
  12. RECEPTIVE 😇 uncover spirited guidance from trail angels
  13. INTUITIVE 🌟 receive insights of understanding
  14. REST 💤 unveil the power of stillness
  15. WEEK 3: calm amidst chaos
    MINDFUL 🎯 become unstoppable by conquering mental barriers
  16. RESPONSIVE 🧠 overcome stress with mindful know-how
  17. CALM🌪 respond to chaos with a spacious breath
  18. COMPASSIONATE 💝 embrace emotional difficulty with loving awareness
  19. LIBERATED 🤙 peacefully surf fearful emotional waves
  20. GRATEFUL 🙏 foster resilience in the face of challenge
  21. STORIES 💭 transmuting fear into inspired action
  22. WEEK 4: Wild Divinity
    WILD 🐺 living freely with a courageous heart
  23. NATURE 🌿 rekindle your primal instincts
  24. DIVINE 💫 return to Wholeness
  25. MAGICAL 🪄 transform the ordinary into the extraordinary
  26. AUTHENTIC 🤗 live in alignment with your unique blueprint
  27. FREE 🕊️ untethered beyond the human predicament
  28. JOYFUL 😁 enjoy the journey as the destination
  29. FAITHFUL 🫡 courageously living true to Self
  30. BECOMING 🦋 endlessly evolving toward the life of our dreams
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GRACEFUL 🌊 embrace falling to rise anew

Day 6 of 30 Days of Adventure

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Today, let's embrace falling down as a necessary part of moving forward so that we can rise again with more strength, wisdom, and grace.

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Slowly and consistently stepping into the unknown allows us to practice falling down (and standing back up) with grace (and grit). While grandiose leaps of faith into the unknown may sound aspirational, these initial steps towards the inspired vision of our dreams will largely determine how we continue to proceed. So instead of running and launching into the unknown with fanatic abandon, let's remain balanced and grounded as we move into the adventurous unknown with graceful baby steps.

Today's Key Takeaways:

  • 🌱 Embrace failure as a teacher.
  • 🍂 Soften into your fears and uncomfortable emotions.
  • 🌈 Take small, intentional steps towards your goals.

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Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.

– Winston Churchill

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Traumatic failures may discourage continued exploration while graceful failures may energize us forward. Falls and failures are bound to happen. They are essential in teaching and equipping us to carry on. However, if we fall too fast and too hard, it may scar us and scare us from continuing on. 

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A new research center at Columbia University is committed to figuring out how to turn failure into success. Their research indicates that understanding and accepting failure as a part of the educational journey can offer vital benefits, including better performance and a more realistic and empowered approach to learning and personal growth.

Reflect on a past failure related to your adventurous goal. What can you glean to cultivate more insight, resilience, and wisdom?

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Find the edge, and then soften.

As we come up to the edge of a difficult feeling, we have the opportunity to soften instead of contracting and deflecting. Softening into edgy feelings allows space for them to show us why they are there. Then we have the opportunity to nurture and heal ourselves instead of disregarding and compounding the discomfort. Let these words be your companion today, echoing in your heart whenever you feel trepidation as you courageously explore the edge of your comfort zones.

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Take a deep, calming breath.

Imagine you're standing at the edge of a forest, a sacred space where every tree symbolizes an experience, every leaf a lesson. The forest path ahead is your journey.

Feel the ground beneath your feet as you slowly step into the forest. As you walk, you suddenly trip over a protruding root and stumble. It's a moment of fall, yet it's cushioned by the soft forest floor. Feel the sensations of touching the earth, not as defeat, but as a moment of intimate contact with your journey.

Take another deep breath and slowly stand up. As you rise, sense a newfound wisdom infusing your being, a whisper from the earth saying, “This too is a part of the path.”

Brush yourself off and continue walking, now with an enhanced awareness of the ground, each step more deliberate, graceful. Notice how the forest seems to welcome you more deeply, acknowledging your resilience and courage.

Let this forest remain with you, as a sanctuary you can always return to for wisdom and grounding.

Take one last deep breath, feeling the energy of resilience and grace envelop you … feeling alive, invigorated, and in harmonious alignment with today's intention of moving gracefully through both triumphs and trials.

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Recall a past experience that has prevented you from taking action towards your adventurous dreams:

Share supportive words can your more experienced self can now offer your fearful self:

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What is one small step toward an adventurous goal you can commit to gracefully take today?

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I am not defined by my falls but by how gracefully I rise.

Today, I welcome the lessons of each stumble, each trip, each fall.

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Congratulations on embracing today's journey of grace and resilience. You have dug deep to learn from your falls and rise anew. Keep climbing!

Come back tomorrow as we celebrate the progress we've made during the first week of this 30-day adventure!

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How can you turn a recent stumble or fall into a stepping stone for growth?

We'd love to hear from you in the comments!

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