🍪 GDPR Cookie Compliance

What’s the deal with cookies anyway?

Cookies are small files that are automatically dropped on your computer as you browse the web. In and of themselves they are harmless bits of text that are locally stored and can easily be viewed and deleted.

But cookies can give a great deal of insight into your activity and preferences, and can be used to identify you without your explicit consent.

What is the GDPR all about?

The primary purpose of the General Data Protection Regulation is to bring the EU legislation up to date with the digital age, protecting personal privacy and restoring control over their own data to the users.

This means ensuring your cookies, which might include little bits of your personal data, remain safe and in your control.

Click here to learn more from the GDPR about cookies.

We hope that helps, and that you were weren't disappointed you didn't get any cookies that we're use to grandma making. If we could, we'd reach through your screen and share this mouthwatering cookie with you …

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