4 Characteristics of the Everyday Hero

By Amy Leo
Amy Leo
Amy Leo is a fellow human being doing the best she can. She is a three principles paradigm coach, singer-songwriter, and travel addict. With a background in social work and mental health education, she is passionate about alleviating human psychological suffering and travels the world sharing a simple, profound, and scientific truth of how our human minds can work for us, instead of against us...particularly when it comes to our relationships. She loves dogs, her Finnish fiancé (she is even learning Finnish to prove it!), and could put Tzatziki sauce on nearly anything.

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I want to work on being a better role modle for my 11 year old granddaughter. We both fled a domestic violence (D.V.) situation in June of 2014. We are coming up on three years of freedom on the 2nd. It’s been rough. We started out with nothing. My PTSD symptoms manifested almost immediately when we were safe and hiding in a women’s shelter after we had left home. But we both have attended counseling, and now I’m back in college to finish earning a degree. It may take me a while to get us completely self-sufficient. But God had been with us on this journey. And I believe He makes all things possible. I’m blessed that my granddaughter hads witnessed me overcoming the abuse and post-abuse symptoms and sees me making it as a single parent raising a grandkid. I’m praying she will learn that women are strong enough to live without a man. That love is wonderful when it’s healthy. And she is enough. And i pray especially that she sees that women should leave a situation of D.V. because they are worth a better life.

Jennifer Lorentzen
Jennifer Lorentzen

Hi Amy,
I loved your article but I’m confused by you usage of the word “visad”do you happen to mean facade? Just thought I should mention it.



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