SELF-AWARENESSNESS 🧭 Navigate with Confidence

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Today, let's leverage our strengths and accept our weaknesses in order to skillfully navigate challenging situations.


Today, let's bring self-awareness to our strengths and weaknesses so that we can skillfully navigate the challenges ahead.

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“What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself.”

– Abraham Maslow

I am self-aware because my capacity to confidently charge forward relies solely on my ability to know who I am, and who I want to be. Through self-awareness, I leverage my strengths and accept my weaknesses. This deeper understanding helps me mindfully manage emotional reactions and skillfully navigate challenging situations.


In the depths of my being,
a compass resides,
guiding me through
life's uncertain tides.

Each weakness I find
a lesson for heart & mind
Each strength I align
to serve with love enshrined.

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In this guided meditation, Gia shows us a powerful technique to get to know ourselves on a very deep level.


Know yourself to own yourself.

आत्मनः स्वामित्वं कर्तुं आत्मानं ज्ञातव्यम्।


Today, ask a friend for constructive feedback on your top strengths and weaknesses.

Before talking to them, say the following to yourself to prime yourself for honest feedback: “I know there are blind spots in my thinking patterns and behaviors. So I will openly ask someone who understands me; whom I respect; and will tell me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear. I will cherish honest, outside perspectives because they show me invaluable insight into who I am.”


So why would we want to be self-aware anyway?

It can be tempting to avoid ourselves at times, especially when we’re feeling down. Our first instinct when we feel discomfort is to avoid it.

So many popular forms of entertainment in the world are aimed specifically at turning off the mind and shutting out the emotions: TV, movies, sports, novels, alcohol, drugs, sex, social media, and so much more.

We’ve become so accustomed to tuning out. 

The secret to our happiness lies in tuning in.

Researchers say that emotional avoidance is one of the main causes for psychological problems and that feeling bad is actually a good thing.

We can only avoid thoughts and feelings for so long until we explode at inappropriate times or suffer endlessly from insomnia and anxiety because we are denying so much of ourselves on a daily basis.

When we allow our thoughts and feelings to rise to the surface, we actually release the power that they hold over us. Blocking out and denying feelings causes them to build and grow beneath the surface until we are finally made aware of them. If we can just bring awareness to them as they arise, we save ourselves a lot of wasted energy and stress. The sooner we process our thoughts and feels, the sooner we can find inner peace.

So self-awareness has many mental and emotional benefits.

Self-awareness has lots of physical benefits, as well. 

By getting to know our bodies, we can detect imbalances early on and may save ourselves from diseases or illnesses that could develop if we ignored them.

Additionally, self-awareness helps us boost our health and immunity by discovering what foods and activities best suit our bodies.

Spiritually, self-awareness helps us find meaning in our lives and helps us discover our highest purpose.

By getting to know ourselves on a deep level, we discover who we truly are: our deepest desires and wishes. This is the guiding force that gives us clarity and direction in life. Without this inner awareness, we may feel lost, stuck, or frustrated with trying to please others but not knowing what it is that truly pleases us.

Self-awareness brings us true freedom because it empowers us to be who we are instead of fitting in with the crowd.

Meditation is one of the most helpful tools for cultivating self-awareness, as we delve into our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and sensations to discover what’s there.


Ask yourself, “What are some common outside perspectives of my strengths and weaknesses?

Make a list of common things you've noticed others have said about you.


Nice work! You've completed Day 3 of 30 Days of Bravery and are a braver being because of it!

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1,393 thoughts on “SELF-AWARENESSNESS 🧭 Navigate with Confidence”

  1. A lot of people around me point out many strengths about me: I’m honest, reliable, hard-working, caring, smart. When it comes to my biggest weaknesses, I know for sure that codependency is one of them. I let people borrow money from me and they never pay me back, I use my time to “help” (enable) people with their problems, etc. I have been working really hard to change these habits over the last couple of years and it has been going much better. In relation to opening my business (my challenge for the thirty days), I would say that I can see one of my biggest challenges will be networking, because I will have to interact with a lot of people I do not know to try to promote my business, and this scares me a bit to be honest. The good thing is that everything can be worked on, so it is just a matter of learning more skills, selling pitches, etc.

  2. Strengths would be kindness and generosity to my friends and family. Weaknesses would be over-involving myself in stress and others’ problems, succumbing tonfeelings of helplessness, and being too defensive at times.

  3. According to my source, my strengths include persistence, being self-aware, and intelligence. I tend to think negatively at times, which I refer to as being pessimistic and realistic. I can have an all or nothing mentality that causes me to exude negativity. Knowing these helps me become intentional about maximizing the positive and de-emphasizing the challenges.

  4. Strengths: Kind, respect everyone, helpful, caring, independent. peace. Weakness: easily get distracted by other people, get anxious easily, controlling, not sociable, picky, a little bit of ocd, low confident and self-esteem.

    My friend told me that i seem strong and independent. However being too kind is a bad thing because i always teased by my friends. Maybe they think i wont fight with them but they do not know how upset i feel.

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